Dear all Muslimin and Muslimat in Islam..

After 7th of January 1979 (independent day) to nowadays government double one’s effort to make arrangement for construction and developing all fields again which has been abandoned and damaged by POL POT regime. However Muslim People and Islam Religion and Islam culture still be lost. Human resources was cruel killing in all fields by POL POT regime. As much as it forced Muslim to do everything that Islam has Banned them. It compelled them to eat food that their religion banned, to receive a raw deal, to stop freedom to execute of religion, and to obey religion such as AL-QURAN AL-KAREEM reading, praying 5 time a day, and fasting (Ramadan). Furthermore it forced men and women get married together by unknowing and banned them from talking and discussing about religion. More and more it banned them from talking and discussing the religion. This regime also disciplines people for their raising up against to them very heavily. After POT POT regime was failed down so the whole people and Muslim also were helped from cruel regime on 7th of January in 1979. From previous to now even though Cambodia was seen help to save, people’s situation are still limited as the recording all Muslim in Cambodia are in difficulties and they live from land to mouth because they face to lose everything in all fields and they face to live in constant fears that has been in that cruel regime. To sum up all people as the same as Muslim have to raise up against with government to build community, economic, and human resources again and again. In case, their working hard to overcome still be limited because Economic field hasn’t yet developed to fulfill the needs of people as the same as another country.

"Charity is for those in need." This is general principle which enjoins us to help people in need, be they good or bad, on the right path or not, Muslims or non-Muslims. No one should judge in these matters. The foremost ends in charity should be God's pleasure and our own spiritual good. The concept of charity in Islam is thus linked with justice. It is not limited to the redressal of grievances. It implies apart from the removal of handicaps, the recognition of the right that every human being has to attain the fullness of life”.

We really want to make an appeal for raising fun to both people inside and outside. Please to be charity and interested to whole human. We seriously want to get the best leaders to take care and protect them. For your careful is the best way to decrease their hardness also.

Finally..we express one’s thank to your sponsor to Muslim and Cambodian People nowadays. All of your contribution and your kindness is very benefit and you are going to get them back to the future. Please Allah gives happiness, success, healthy, and especially he are going to get your obligation from now to forever.