Cambodia Halal Certification

Our Objectives

Only certify products that meet the Halal requirements and guarantee the Halalness at all times through continuous and thorough inspections of the processing facilities; Adopt a Halal standard which is acceptable and authorized by Muslim Scholars; Educate the industry about the Halal dietary law and manufacturing procedures; Increase the variety and accessibility to Halal products.

Our Services

Halal Certification Services in Cambodia that issue by Highest Council For Islamic Religious Affairs of Cambodia (Mufti of Cambodia) is a Halal quality assurance company whose aim is to ensure that Muslims consume Halal and products which comply with the Islamic dietary standards, as prescribed in the Qur’an and Sunnah In Islam.

For the continuous excellence in Halal certification, apart from improving and enhancing our own certification procedures and processes, we have developed Halal trainings, which are conducted frequently to enhance the awareness and understanding of Halal concept and Islamic dietary laws and their requirements.

Halal Certification is becoming more and more a marketing tool enabling the producers to give the consumers the assurance that their specific needs are met and respected.

Food technicians and other food industry related professionals but also professionals from various segments of industrial production need to be trained as a precautionary measure to avoid mistake to happen, which could jeopardize the Halal status of a certified product.