Highest Islamic Council (Mufti)

In many centuries of old age; every generations before Pol Pert regime, Islamic of Cambodia has a highest Islam council that is called ‘Islamic Boss of Cambodia” who is to prepare religion’s working and support Islam of Cambodia to be greatest in their belief, making practical of relationship between individual and community and to keep Islam regulation and society regulation especially to obey law in our country. Highest Islamic council, which is respected by Islam. It was finished by Pol Pert regime in both human resources council on only 17th of April in 1975, even if Islam was seek help to save life again and it got full of freedom. Their situation was still not yet to hold Islam council that was destroyed. After 7th of January in 1979, although Islamism was saved their lives again and they got full of freedom also, Islamism’s situation couldn’t make council of Islam was lost. These reasons causes their living in constant fears for all cruel activities were done on them for a long time. Moreover, because of lacking human resources to compromise on Islam regulation and other connection etc.

Suggesting and seeing for necessary things of Muslim on 27 of February 1994 at ministry of religious affairs celebrated election to select this highest council. There were some of Muslim leader came from provinces and cities to register as a candidate to conduct Muslim and all occupations in Cambodian.

As result the selection lection of Islam conductor was showed that:

1.       SULAIMAN IBRAHIM                        president

2.       ZAKARIYA ADAMA                            first vice president

3.       SOS KAMRY                                          second vice president

After this Islam file had been built completely, but this progression was in the presence of being very weak, lack and poor. All reasons, prepared that started zero without money, workplace and other supporting and they depended on their possibilities.

On 12 March 1996, according to proclamation 12.96 date 5 January 1996 of ministry of religious affairs. The government wrote a letter, according to proclamation 288 date 12 March 1996,meant that ministry of prime minister decided to agree in principle, gave equipment to ministry of religious affairs, choosing the highest council for Islamic religion affair of Cambodia. And then reports the result to the government. Since the new Islamic institution was built that had named The Highest Council for Islamic Religion Affair of Cambodia.

On 31 of July 1996, Islam conductors on the bases in the whole country informed that had a meeting with ceremony of the first conference of the highest council for Islamic religion affair of Cambodia at Bangkok church. Voting as a conductor president and the highest council for Islamic religion affair of Cambodia to lead Islam toward. In a cause after the justice voting perfectly. Mr SOS KAMRY was selected president, was gotten many and many votes for the election.

Loving and liking to depend on Muslim’s supporting, the new leader’s talent, Mr SOS KAMRY was given the name and appointed him as Oknha, according to proclamation No 0499/87 date 14 April 1999 by Norodom Sihak Nok,king of Cambodia.

Asking by every high council in the whole country was also village leader (Iman) and Iman Mosque,noticed that Mr SOS KAMRY has been really

Islam leader and one of other Islam leader has been enough ability and will to fight bravely. Intellection to lead the Islam religion, especially his leading is logic and takes care to Muslim. King Norodom Sihak Nok, king of Cambodia had been and appointed Oknha SOS KAMRY as the highest council for Islamic religion affair of Cambodia, and also suggesting by prime minister of Cambodia according to proclamation No 0400/61 date 7 April 2000.

To conduct and manage to Muslim and community of Islamic religion of Cambodia progressed smoothly and actively by the highest council for Islamic religion affair of Cambodia. The government of Cambodia, Hun Sen, according to proclamation N0 24 date 28 March 2002 decided to give duty to appointed all teachers and Islamic leader of Cambodia to Oknha SOS KAMRY, the highest council for religion affair of Cambodia, according to proclamation 1006 date 9 July 2002 of Ministry of prime minister said that << Allowed Oknha, the highest council for Islamic religion affair of Cambodia to appointed all Islamic teachers and leaders on the bases, voting or agreeing that was unnecessary comment to ministry of religious affairs by suggestion.

Nowdays, even this institution that had the highest council for religion affair, has been lead by Oknha SOS KAMRY. He conducts step by step to lead Islamic religion of Cambodia both difficulty and lacking. We noticed that changing of Muslim to the whole communities has been corrected and changed both Human resource economy and religion practice, especially management structure has been expansion much more and perfect activities by his leading from now. We hope that this institution will continue to lead Muslim by Oknha SOS KAMRY, a president. And Helping consolidation by Cambodia government.