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Fatwa Group Investment, Ltd

Our Company are professional and experienced in providing worldwide operations and integrated solutions with a full range of logistics services including ocean freight, air freight, domestic delivery, warehousing, cargo consolidation, cross-border trucking, and customs brokerage services.

One of the logistics and supply chain industry's top forwarders, we are fast growing and developing with sustainability. We have a strong network with our overseas agents around the world and good relationship and support from our major suppliers, as well as dedicated and experienced staff which helps to differentiate us from others.

Providing both air and sea freight solutions, we use our worldwide network to make your shipment process run smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. We work with high commitment and have a clear mission to work closely with our domestic and international customers to make our service a cut above the rest.

YOUR Business Is OUR Business !

Our Commitments

Our Company Freight Services is committed to:

1.       Innovation and Improvement – Over the past two years, we have placed priority on improving our services to customers.  The company prides itself on developing innovative freight solutions to meet customer requirements

2.       infrastructure and Networking – With comprehensive infrastructure and integrated network, we are also committed to expanding the number and size of our offices, contact agents and suppliers around the world. We aim to help our customers with non-stop service - anytime and anywhere

3.       High Quality Service – We devoted to providing international standard service to our customers. We are committed to skills development, further developing communication, service innovation and following through on all detail.

4.       Costs Competitive – We understand that our customers operate in a highly competitive environment. We are committed to providing the best service at the lowest cost. We help you control your costs. Your business success is our business success.

5.       Our People–Our staff are at your service. We are proud to have diligent, skillful people to help your business grow.

6.       Our Technology –Our customers will never have a problem with our working systems. We work with in partnership with engineers and information technology experts in order to offer you the best.

7.       Integrity – Many customers may wonder "why Our Company is different from others" The simple answer is that our business culture is based on "integrity".  We provide the same high standard of services to every customer and supplier regardless of their size.



1.      Sea Freight

Our Company provides an extensive range of sea freight solutions for both import and export cargoes. This ranges from direct to transshipment services, with full or part container loading. We offer total service.

Our Company worldwide freight volumes and the availability of 24 hours monitoring, enable customers to confirm the cost effectiveness of transport options, while feeling secure that our tracking system will monitor their cargo. We are dedicated to delivering real solutions even through difficult supply chains.

— • Port‐to‐Port and Door‐to‐Door delivery

— • Local transportation

— • Customs brokerage

— • Documentation and handling

— • Supply chain services

— • Handling of dangerous goods and Fumigation

— • Oversize and overweight

— • Tracking and reporting

2.      Air Freight

Our Company understands that Airfreight is always urgent. Of course customers require a fast and efficient delivery service to justify the additional expense.

So we have strong relationships with all major airlines and are able to quickly confirm cargo space and help to reduce transit time and the overall cost to our customers.

—•  Air consolidation and distribution

— • Pick up and delivery

— • Customs brokerage

— • Documentation and handling

— • Space guarantee during peak season

— • Charter Flight

— • Combine air and sea freight services

Let us assist in meeting your airfreight requirement!

3.      Customs Formalities

As customs and quarantine regulations have become more complicated and stringent, having highly trained and experienced people handling the clearance of your cargo is imperative.

SRVC places a priority on having highly skilled and well trained customs brokers ready to service to our customers. Speak to one of our customs managers today on issues ranging from tariff levels, customs regulations and any other regulatory issues. We are here to help you.

—•  Apply Certificate of origin and export permit from the MOC.

—• Apply import permit from customs house

—• Customs clearance

4.      Warehousing

— • Export consolidation

— • Import de-consolidation

— • Palletizing and wrapping

— • Packing, re-packing and labeling

— • In-house trucking services

5.      Cross Border Deliveries

understands that timely and accurately delivery of your cargo is one of the most important steps in the supply chain process. Many of our customers require cargo to go directly to their customers, so we take delivery seriously.

Using trucking companies with modern and reliable fleets, We aims to make delivery effectively, smooth and hassle-free. By choosing from a range of delivery options, we are sure to find the most suitable delivery option to meet your business needs.

6.      Total Supply Chain Solutions

Our Service is a one-stop Transport and Logistics service provider. We offer you a total package of services, covering everything from working with your suppliers to dealing with your customers at the destination.

Our Freight Services is committed and passionate about service quality and integrity.

Total Supply Chain Services are:

1)      Warehouse

— • Receiving products

— • Consolidation (Cross Docking)

— • Store Packing

— • Labeling, Scanning & Packing

— • Internet availability

2)      Distribution Offices

— • Purchase Order Management

— • Purchase Order Follow Up

— • Liaise with suppliers & Organize transport

— • Full domestic coverage

— • Internet tracking

3)      Export Freights

— • Management of Ocean &  Air Transportation

— • Preparation of documents

— • Full Internet tracking system

4)      Overseas Customs

— • Landed cost

— • Electronic entry of Import

— • Pre Clearance

— • Draw Back Processing

— • Technical Valuation and Classification

— • Dynamic Cartage and Delivery Solutions

5)      Overseas Warehouses

— • Bonded Warehousing

— • Storage

— • Pick & Pack

— • Delivery to end user

— • Internet Tracking