Islam After Pol Pot 1979

Cambodia was liberated from Khmer Rouge Regime on the 7 January 1979. Only around 4,000,000 Cambodians survived. The Cam and the Malay people remained less than 200,000, that is to say about 500,000 of them were killed during the Pol Pot Regime. All Cambodian people were sick and malnourished. The new Cambodian Government had given full attention to the welfare and health care of all Cambodian people by providing food, medicines, clean drinking water, clothes, fishing and farming equipment, didactic materials etc. The standard of living has been improving since. The Cambodian Muslim brothers put all their efforts to rebuild their communities by repairing Islamic and Qur'anic schools, Masjid and Musalla, reorganizing their Islamic society structure by selecting Mufti, Imam, teachers. With the very valuable assistance from our Muslim brothers from all over the world, a great number of Qur'an, religious books etc... has been collected. The Cambodian Muslim community has started all over again to restructure their needs and responsibility as ummah.

Nowadays, there are more than 450,000 Muslims in Cambodia. Even though Buddhism is the state religion, the Muslim rights are never neglected. About 268 Masjid, 200 Musalla, 300 Madrasa and Qur'an schools are rebuilt and actively in operation in some 317 Muslim villages.