Islam and Government

Before 7th of January day, Islam and other religions still be damaged. These religions were prevented from religious cooperation, meeting program, and other ceremonies. Especially Islam people were banned from praying, Islam execution, and they were not allow to have own discussion to get married also. All religious achievements and altars were destroyed. On the other hand, they were punished in one’s mind and communication banning to religion. After 7th of January day, Cambodia has been getting full of freedom under management of government now, was pushed very strong to religion whom focus on piety both in belief and practical life in society and politic. One more is to religion connected to society; religious method to law as the same as now to future.

Standing on this situation, all activities of Islam of all fields are really related to tradition, belief, and religious cooperation in order to keep these occupation both religion and leaders as to be the same way of peace. This purpose to decrease looking down on between Islam and other in Cambodia for developing country to reduce poorness and increase human resources development to be distributed to increasing poorness of Khmer people in a whole country too!

For Islam management qualities and to distribute to be better life and Islam’s poorness decreasing in Cambodia. Hun Sen prime minister invented and allowed to make management system again to help their job such as

1.    Allowing to have highest Islamic council in Cambodia

Highest Islamic council is SOS KOMRY excellency, who was appointed as a director of high delegation of Cambodian Islam by NORODOM SEIHANUK king of Cambodia at HUN SEN’s request the prime minister of Cambodia in the amount of license is NS/RKT/0400/061 set in April 7, 2000 to let Islam to make an arrangement again for developing by allowing to make arrangement to appointed people to be Islam leaders such as province or city Imam, district Imam, Imam Masjid and Ustaz/Ustazah ( Islamic Teacher) were agreed in writing to let by government to director of highest Islamic council. Seriously, the king of Cambodia allowed to nominate and to arrange the Islam foundation. They were selected and approved and no need to direct speech of apartment of public worship and religious education.

2.    Government’s Intervention to have normal Islam application

To prevent which case that can affect to normal Islam application to be inactivity, to have suspicious and as the result will be alarmed of international terrorist so the Cambodia government always confirms massages on time to deter from all activities that can put unjustified blame on Islamic in Cambodia.

3.    Government’s Intervention to Islamic have a chance to study and some ceremonies

Government shows interest to Islam in Cambodia to compromise on issue and to give a capacity to students that want to study abroad such as no passport fee. On the other hand, the government also helps them to release their some documents to file a document too.

In 2000 ago, government issued a passport no fee to much amount of Islam gave them money towards joining in Hajj Program at Saudi Arabia by the king of Saudi Arabia Sponsorship.