Cambodia is known that is one of developing and poor countries. There were 75 percent farmers and only 25 percent getting successful of agriculture file in 2000. And there were another some Cambodian running business for industry in 1999. Muslims community economy development situation were so weak and slow. Eventhough the present government had been encouraging whole Muslims and Cambodian community to develop. Being circumstance to face lack of Cambodia government‘s every file both money and human resource. Eventhough we noticed that the government always encouraged and took care to the poor residents in the whole Cambodia community. Developing to form images to increase economy to khmer community in Cambodia.

According to Human Development Report 2002 known that Cambodia was the 130 of 173 the poor country in the world. Though Cambodia has been changed and developed low human development to Medium Human development in the short time. Showed economy situation in Cambodia was getting better to Cambodia people, for in stance poor people had been still much more. According to researching was known that in come that people got only 0.46 to 0.63 dollar per day. More than 70% of agriculture residents and nearly 79% of farmers were  lack and poor family. For main problem was prevented developing economy slowly. And most of Cambodian were unknowledge and unrealized about social economy.

In 2003 to 2005 government had been created National Poverty Reduction Strategy to follow studying economy problem in Cambodia in goal to correct to economy in towns in the whole country to create and increase every files for the Cambodian work daily and to get better result to women who get another job that get salary more, especially  all Cambodian men and women get another job that based on their abilyty.

Economy Muslim Community

For a long time was period of time that Muslim community residents have been guested in Cambodia. Most of them live along the rivers till they set up Muslim community that has other churches and education schools are located on bases. So during that time was noticed that most of Muslim people earn as fishermen along another rivers and Mekong river in the whole Cambodia. Other some of them are also farmers and agricultures. In the Pol Pot regime all Cambodia and Muslim residents had been stopped allowing earn by family. That is to say that they were forced to work for organization that was managed by this regime. All Cambodia economies were destroyed by that organization and every job are belong to the organization. After relieving on 7 January of Cambodia residents seems to live again , so that Islamic community started their business survival by their possibilities and abilities availabaly, using forced blood to complete job and that business survival. Now the government’s management perfectly, always takes care visiting of the residents. The government trys to look for solution to develop economy is much more progressive and especially to update. Every Islamic people is given freedom the same another people to run their own business and jobs. Moreover the government gave opportunities to the to work in government.

More than 500 000 or equal 90 percent of Islamic community in Cambodia, Muslim, have homeland from Cham Pa country, most of them live in areas through in Cambodia, a group was created as Islamic community to be easy to executive obligations of religion. Most of their occupations are farmers and fishmen. Most agriculturalists live on plains some parts of Cambodia that is favorable to them to their farms, but most fishmen lives along the Mekong river. Islam is community that have poor averages so much in Cambodia. That why most of them can’t get knowledge because they were so poor and don’t have possibilities to continue their studies. etc.

Now as a reality result, most of them are fishmen and for those who live along the rivers through in country and some of them are agriculturalist as farming, cassava, beans, corn and other. One part of them work at companies and worker factory and private jobs as motor taxi, seller at home and communities.