Mission & Vision


To achieve the objective of building and strengthening is a major priority of the international community to constant innovation through movement and really practical experience as possible to the courage to make:

1.       To make good relationship with Muslim and another people everywhere and we are going to try one’s best from our mind that refer to our Allah’s powerful that he was gave us to serve our human and our society. Actually we always are struggle if we faced much obstacle to Muslim.

2.       We use correctly strategy to concentrate one’s attention of nation, Islam, and nature of unity between religion and religion and International that is the best position to be protection and to give value on human.

3.       For helping to support and encourage to our Muslim that is poor without abilities no tmei to recovery to change that is full of rich, famous and strong community.

4.       Broadcasted cultural and traditional Islam in Cambodia to center facilities in the world. To let them to know about their visiting such as all Cambodian in the progressed society in present.


1.       Islamic is changed to the development valuable believable famous Islam.

2.       Muslim in Cambodia have abilities and possibilities to rich as a Muslim with strong Iman and taqwa.

3.       To join corrected institutions of negative effects between Islam and Government to target parallel state and the Constitution and to establish dignity between Muslim and society.

4.       To develop and to broadcaste our community between Muslim’s vision in goal to contribute society together and poverty eradication Cambodia. To create and to increase welfare of Cambodia human resource much more to logic to the society to develop country.


To reduce the poorness and to contribute Islamic shortages in Cambodia. Please let us to request an appeal to companies, charitable organization, and all Muslimin and Muslimat that are the sages please raise fun by this project to reduce the poorness and to reduce the shortages of meeting the urgent needs for them every day. Furthermore, our requesting wants to cooperate with your organizations, Institution and companies to announce for finding to Islamic fund all countries to allow them to have a chance to join in charity program which is our obligation. We are grateful to you firstly for your enjoying together. Syukran