Depending on the result that we collected, in 2014 ago all Islam has 85% in Cambodia in mostly of all people in the whole country that is faced a shortage of food and poor family and vagabonds.

Every year CIRA got fun from the sages from the amount of countries consist of Malaysia. Singapore, Europe, and Arab to contribute to obey the EIDUL ADHA ceremony is the kind of ceremony in the Islam in each years. and the  Aqiqah animal’s program schedule is the kind of program for babies (hair cutting) which hold in a full year. These programs were arranged every years to help and donate to Muslim in Cambodia that are not enough money to buy meat from the market to serve as a full year because of poor.  For their income every day is still limited that is the reason that they cannot buy meat from the market. Beef and goat meat price 10dollar/ Kilogram. However they got only 5dollar in medium per day income. This mean that if they worked two days, they would have capacities to buy meat in their living. Meat that was got from this ceremony, we will distribute in the whole country such as poorest, a person with no living relatives and orphans, oldest person and especially share to all Islamic school too. On the other hand based on evidences that we have seen from our teamwork every year is the teamwork that always compromise on the dividing meat directly that they can get only 0.20 or 0.30Kilogram per family. As the result as we got fun from the sages are still limited and small amount of. Next cases are Islamic data are looking forward to helping from other councils, organizations, companies, sages that are charitable to reduce their difficulties.


To reduce the poorness and to contribute Islamic shortages in Cambodia. Please let us to request an appeal to companies, charitable organization, and all Muslimin and Muslimat that are the sages please raise fun by this project to reduce the poorness and to reduce the shortages of meeting the urgent needs for them every day. Furthermore, our requesting wants to cooperate with your organizations, Institution and companies to announce for finding to Islamic fund all countries to allow them to have a chance to join in charity program which is our obligation. We are grateful to you firstly for your enjoying together. Syukran