Why you should to donate for Cambodian Muslim in Ramadhan month?

Because of Islamic people situation were facing to poorness and their income was still limited so their economic has been poor. As the result as each family should spend their money flexible to their income per day. Ramadhan month, the amount of Islamism had a better lives so they always had a day-off and they spend time to join in their priesting obligation and another obligation that they need to do in this month, is very important obligation of Islam once per year. For poorness situation, orphans family and vagabonds. If they are in priest situation, abstaining from eating a certain food, and hungry, every months not only priest month or other months both men and women have to work or raise food for their family. If they have a holiday, they are going have not enough money to buy food for Ramadhan month. Seriously we have known clearly about their difficulty. In meal time every day, for one month in the period of ceremony; the poorness family get only rice with soup nor fruit, drink, sweet, or delicious food to eat in Ramadhan. Even though they also are poor but firstly their very important obligation is Ramadhan.

Please we balanced to contract rich people with poor people. They are very different compare so called Sky and ground. Rich people who are wealthy and having everything for their Ramadhan ceremony. Ramadhan is the month be rich kind of food, and many kinds of thing was ready for this ceremony. An indication of poor people, street people, and orphans; they had nothing. They had only commitment and power to afford to get money to buy food for own family in Ramadhan.

Base on this meaning, please let us to make an appeal to all Islam people around the world, are generous. Please contribute your money to poor Islamism, orphans and vagabond to be happy and powerful to practice their obligation in Ramadhan as the same as all of us in Cambodia.

Confirming: Ramadhan ceremony was happened once every day in Ramadhan of Islam. But we always hold to every generous people that want to support for a full year to this ceremony.


To reduce the poorness and to contribute Islamic shortages in Cambodia. Please let us to request an appeal to companies, charitable organization, and all Muslimin and Muslimat that are the sages please raise fun by this project to reduce the poorness and to reduce the shortages of meeting the urgent needs for them every day. Furthermore, our requesting wants to cooperate with your organizations, Institution and companies to announce for finding to Islamic fund all countries to allow them to have a chance to join in charity program which is our obligation. We are grateful to you firstly for your enjoying together. Syukran