Teacher is very important part to glorify the education field and human resources field. The amount of knowledgeable people and Islamic are still be lowest decree in Cambodia if we compare to closely countries near us. Before the occurring of Pol Pert regime, human resources are very proud of having many doctors than other countries that are near border such as Thailand, Vietnam, Loa and etc. But next to Pol Pert regime war came in Cambodia, all Human resources was killed all of them. However, a large of Islamic Teachers were killed and some of them was faced to stop teaching and to be a farmer and factory. Every achievements such as school, Islam temples, and Mosque were destroyed and took these places to be a kitchen, hospital, and soldier place. They banned students from studying at school. They were forced to work a full day when they made discussing about Islam. After 7th of January, all Cambodian people and Islamism’s situation was getting from hell because they need to make everything again in their community, their villages, and they need to arrange infrastructure again to have an Islam studying program. They used free places to be a school, Education center, or tutor too.

Someone who can know about some Islam language has been as a teacher and his responsibility is to teach how to read Al-Quran book, how to spell Arab’s language, and how to obey Islam’s law (Hukm) up to his knowledge.

In that situation, all instructors were volunteer. They did not get salary and seriously they did not have enough school supplies also. All of them always try the one’s best. They could live by getting fun from Islam communities in other areas. All the sages gave some food and some items to use every day. In a period for a long time to nowadays, the lives from land to mouth, it can be a cause for their teaching that mean that they did not pay attention to transfer their knowledge to students non quality. So the amount of students did not study more and some of them more did not get high quality.

We showed that many associations did not show interest to help and encourage them because of their lives still be limited and a shortage of food. As these reasons as all associations always take care on salary of teachers and let them have a better lives as possible as their lives nowadays.

After we processed on this planning to set the salary of teachers and let students have possible places to get knowledge. However we never forget to set salary to a mount of them were under controlled by association. Setting Salary Planning to teacher for associations also spend money that are served from Islamism fun at abroad.


To reduce the poorness and to contribute Islamic shortages in Cambodia. Please let us to request an appeal to companies, charitable organization, and all Muslimin and Muslimat that are the sages please raise fun by this project to reduce the poorness and to reduce the shortages of meeting the urgent needs for them every day. Furthermore, our requesting wants to cooperate with your organizations, Institution and companies to announce for finding to Islamic fund all countries to allow them to have a chance to join in charity program which is our obligation. We are grateful to you firstly for your enjoying together. Syukran