CIRA which is an None-Government NGO and None-Profit NGO that was Establish in 2010 by Muslim youth in Cambodia. This Association has got helpful from Islamic leaders in Cambodia in order to develop Islamic community to increase Education field, human resources, orphans, ect.. and then to protect poor people. Moreover we need to encourage and give them warm welcome while they are in difficulties and to develop Islam religion as well.

Because of Allah SWT, the government of Cambodia and CIRA sometime were on duties up to encouragement and responsibilities (Amanah), who has been sent by charities to Muslim in Cambodia by helping no fee. We aspire to do everything to be succeed in developing Islamic community quickly, trying the best one’s heart to be an excellent goal of Islam to future. According to practically to be succeed in Rectangle Strategy of CIRA tried the one’s  best from our mind to increase Islam communication of Cambodia to glorify all fields for developing to be a fulfill community.

“Spending in the way of Allah 'fee Sabilillah" e.g. in Hajj, in Jihad, the poor, on widows and orphans or on relatives and friends to help them out. The Qur'an encourages the Muslim to donate their funds: 'the likeness of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah, is as the likeness of a grain that sprouts seven spikes. In every spike there are 100 grains, and Allah multiplies for whom He will' (2:261). Giving charity is thereby not seen as detracting from income, but rather as a multiplication in terms of spiritual observance. It is like one who sows a good grain of wheat in the field from which grows a plant on which sprout seven ears and each ear yields hundred grains.  As a result, one grain was worth a total yield of 700 grains. When one spends in the way of Allah, he or she receives in return (reward in the Hereafter) on the scale of one to seven hundred”.

Finally, we are all the leaders and the teamwork of CIRA are going to commit with the government and Cambodian people and all Islam in Cambodia to make correlating with national and International institutes and all None-government organizations in the world and all charities body to release about Muslim life consist of their culture and their religion to human on the world to know about Islamic difficulty in order to raise fun from national and international scene for usage and it is our interesting and responsibilities to them.


To reduce the poorness and to contribute Islamic shortages in Cambodia. Please let us to request an appeal to companies, charitable organization, and all Muslimin and Muslimat that are the sages please raise fun by this project to reduce the poorness and to reduce the shortages of meeting the urgent needs for them every day. Furthermore, our requesting wants to cooperate with your organizations, Institution and companies to announce for finding to Islamic fund all countries to allow them to have a chance to join in charity program which is our obligation. We are grateful to you firstly for your enjoying together. Syukran